Tower Challenge Review (Winning Moves)

What It Is

Tower Challenge, part of the Instant Insanity line from Winning Moves Games, is a puzzle game that looks simple but is challenging. The puzzle comes with a base that has three towers. The goal is to move discs from Tower A until the entire stack is relocated on Tower C. Only one disc may be moved at a time. Each move consists of removing the top disc from one tower and dropping it onto either of the other two towers. A large disc can never be placed on a smaller disc. Tower Challenge comes with six discs, and you can solve the puzzle using four (easy level), five (harder level), or six (hardest level) discs. Keep track of the number of moves you make. Every time you move a disc, add one to your move score. When you've moved all the discs onto Tower C, compare your final score to the ratings chart on the side of the box. For example, if you've used four discs and it took you 15 moves, you are a perfect genius. If it took you 16-18 moves, you're an expert. If you took 19-20 moves, you're a sharp thinker. But if you took 21 or more moves. . . well, try again.

Is It Fun?

The concept of Tower Challenge is simple—moving discs—but putting it into practice is a bit challenging. It may take you several attempts to attain genius status, but that's part of the fun of solving this puzzle. Kids and adults who enjoy these types of puzzle-solving challenges will have fun figuring out the best strategy for moving the discs in as few moves as possible.

Who It’s For

Tower Challenge is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Do not throw away the package. It contains the ratings chart, the rules, and illustrated instructions on how to solve the puzzle.

Grandparents may remember the Instant Insanity line from the 1960s. It was a popular puzzle line, long before the Rubik's Cube.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy