Willy’s Wiggly Web Review (Peaceable Kingdom)

What It Is

Willy's Wiggly Web is a new cooperative board game for preschoolers. A cooperative game means that all players play together against a common obstacle. In Willy's Wiggly Web, the little bugs are caught in Willy's spider web. Players must help free the bugs by cutting them out of the web and letting them fall to the ground. But if Willy falls before players free all 10 bugs, the game is over and everyone loses. If players free all 10 bugs and keep Willy on top of his web, everyone wins.

There are three game levels. While all levels have the same object, each adds developmentally appropriate challenges to the game. Level 1 is for ages 3–4. In this level, kids take turns using the scissors to make three cuts on the web. Keep passing the scissors and cutting, trying to free all 10 bugs.

In Level 2, players take turns drawing Level 2 cards and following the instructions on the card. There are two instructions to follow: make a specified number of cuts and pass the scissors to either the left or the right. This level is for ages 4–5.

Level 3 is for ages 5–6. This level uses scissors, Level 2 cards, and Level 3 cards. Players take turns drawing cards and following the instructions on the card. If they draw a Level 2 card, they make the specified number of cuts and pass the scissors left or right. If they draw a Level 3 card, all players must either move one seat to the left or one seat to the right.

The game comes with one pair of kid-sized scissors, 10 bugs, 1 Willy spider (two pieces), 26 Level 2 cards, four Level 3 cards, a web base, six web posts, and 50 paper webs. The game is for two to five players.

Is It Fun?

The gameplay in Willy's Wiggly Web is simple and easy for preschoolers to learn. With three different playing levels, this is a game that grows with children. You can tailor the game to the age of the child and the amount of challenge you want. Through the play, kids practice scissor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as counting and the concept of left and right.

Who It’s For

Willy's Wiggly Web is for ages 3–6. This is a game for younger players especially. Older players tend to be more attracted to games where there is a clear winner and some level of competition to define the play.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required.

To help players know when they should stop cutting, have all players count together as the player cuts. This reinforces counting, clues the player when to stop, and helps all players stay focused on the game when it's not their turn.

While most cooperative games feel artificial, this one gives kids a common focus and a goal to work on as a team. It also can inspire a lot of social interaction and co-play, which makes this superior to many other cooperative games we've reviewed.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy