Pro Z Yo-Yo Review (Duncan Toys)

What It Is

The Pro Z Yo-Yo is actually two yo-yos in one. It starts out as a basic looping yo-yo that many parents and grandparents may be familiar with from their childhoods. But as kids get more advanced and want to try string tricks, they can use the included mod spacers to transform it into a flared yo-yo (or what parents and grandparents used to call a butterfly yo-yo). Kids can go to the Duncan website,, and learn the beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks.

Is It Fun?

This is a great yo-yo for kids who want to do different kinds of tricks. Whichever way kids play with the Pro Z Yo-Yo, this is a classic, fun toy. A major part of that fun is learning to do tricks. Yo-yos, or a form of them, have been part of virtually every culture through recorded time. Each new generation of kids for millennia continues to discover the fun of learning, mastering, and, of course, demonstrating new tricks.

Who It’s For

The Pro Z Yo-Yo is for ages 8 and up. Kids should easily be able to do the conversion from regular yo-yo to flared yo-yo as long as they follow the instructions.

What To Be Aware Of

Be sure to save the pieces in a safe place if you convert the yo-yo.

There is a learning curve to getting the yo-yo to sleep and to doing the tricks, but that's part of the play.

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