Slip n Slide Hydroplane Double Review (Wham-O)

What It Is

The Hydroplane Double is a 15-foot water slide with two lanes (purple and yellow) so that two kids can race down the slide at one time. The slide comes with two inflatable Slide Boogies that help kids glide down the water slide. The slide's left bumper shoots a wall of water, which keeps the slide and kids wet. When kids get to the end of the slide, they'll splash into the mini pool. The slide also comes with two anchors, which keep the slide from moving when kids slide down it, and two repair patches.

Is It Fun?

The Hydroplane Double brings classic Slip 'n Slide fun for two kids at a time. Kids will enjoy racing each other down the slide and splashing into the water at the end.

Who It’s For

The Hydroplane Double is for ages 5–12.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required.

We had some trouble getting the water to flow onto the whole slide. At first, the water was only covering the purple side. We moved the slide and then the water was spilling onto the yellow side and not into the pool at the bottom. You'll need to survey your lawn and figure out the best positioning of the slide for best results.

You may also need to adjust the slide so that the water sprays correctly. We found that easiest to do when the water was flowing.

The Slip 'n Slide water slide should be placed no less than 10 feet away on all sides from trees, walls, holes, garden equipment, pools, and other objects. Set it up on a flat lawn surface, free of depressions or high spots.

Wet the entire slide before connecting the hose to the slide.

Do not stand, kneel, walk, or run on the vinyl surface. Always slide so that arms and stomach contact the slide surface first. Do not dive head first without having your arms extended forward and head up in order to see ahead of you.

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