Slip n Slide Big Splash Factory Review (Wham-O)

What It Is

The Big Splash Factory is a 16-foot water slide with an inflatable tunnel and splash bucket. As kids go down the slide, they will hit the bumper, causing the splash bucket to tip over and drench them with water. Big Splash Factory also includes a Y connector, hose with nozzle, four anchors to keep the slide in place as kids slide down it, and two repair patches.

Is It Fun?

This is classic Slip 'n Slide play but with a fun water park feature with the splash bucket. It's all about getting wet, staying cool, and having lots of fun in the backyard this summer.

Who It’s For

The Slip 'n Slide Big Splash Factory is for ages 5–12.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required.

The Slip 'n Slide water slide should be placed no less than 10 feet away on all sides from trees, walls, holes, garden equipment, pools, and other objects. Set it up on a flat lawn surface, free of depressions or high spots.

Wet the entire slide before connecting the hose to the slide.

Do not stand, kneel, walk, or run on the vinyl surface. Always slide so that arms and stomach contact the slide surface first. Do not dive head first without having your arms extended forward and head up in order to see ahead of you.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy