Slip n Slide Sports Touchdown Splash Review (Wham-O)

What It Is

With the Slip 'n Slide Sports Touchdown Splash, kids can slide into the end zone with a big splash. It comes with a 16-foot water slide, an inflatable football, two inflatable linebackers, two anchors, and two repair patches. One side of the slide features a bumper that sprays water to keep kids and the slide wet. There is also a mini splash pool at the end of the slide. Kids can carry the football and slide down past the linebackers and into the splash pool for a touchdown.

Is It Fun?

Kids will enjoy playing with this Slip 'n Slide, challenging each other to see who can score the most touchdowns. It's classic Slip 'n Slide play with a sports twist, which will appeal to football fans, but any kid who loves Slip 'n Slides will enjoy this toy.

Who It’s For

Touchdown Splash is for ages 5–12. There is a maximum height requirement of five feet and a maximum weight limit of 110 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

The Slip 'n Slide water slide should be placed no less than 10 feet away on all sides from trees, walls, holes, garden equipment, pools, and other objects. Set it up on a flat lawn surface, free of depressions or high spots.

Wet the entire slide before connecting the hose to the slide.

Do not stand, kneel, walk, or run on the vinyl surface. Always slide so that arms and stomach contact the slide surface first. Do not dive head first without having your arms extended forward and head up in order to see ahead of you.

You'll need an electric air pump for the inflatables.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy