Draw Something Review (Zynga)

What It Is

Draw Something is a two-player game app where both players alternate turns on individual mobile devices. The game begins when you choose one of three randomly provided words to draw. That drawing is then sent to your friend who must guess what the word is. The words are ranked by difficulty and each is worth a coin amount. The harder the word is to draw, the more coins awarded when the word is correctly guessed. If your friend guesses your word they get to select a new word and draw it for you to guess. The game then goes back and forth until someone is unable to guess a word.

Is It Fun?

You and your friend don't have to be anywhere near each other to play Draw Something, which makes it a great game for long-distance friendships. After the drawer has finished drawing, the guesser is treated to a stroke by stroke replay of the drawing so you get to watch each other drawing the word, which is often just as fun as guessing what that word is.

Who It’s For

Draw Something is appropriate for all ages and fans of the game range from tweens to senior citizens.

What To Be Aware Of

Draw Something is available for free in an advertising supported mode. There is also an ad-free edition that costs $1.99. Visit your mobile device's app store to purchase and download either version.

This is not a drawing app so don't expect it to turn your device into a sketch pad. The drawings you can create are rough approximations of an actual pen and paper drawing.

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