Test Pilot Sky Trainer ST-A Review (Summit Toys)

What It Is

The Test Pilot Sky Trainer ST-A is a rubber band-powered foam plane. To launch the plane, attach the rubber band around the hook underneath the plane. Hold the plane by the bottom "I" beam. Pull the plane backward and release to launch. The Sky Trainer plane can be used indoors or outdoors (but we recommend only using it outdoors so that you don't break anything inside).

There are three other Sky Trainer styles: ST-S, ST-VL, and ST-G1. Each plane is designed to test precise aeronautical maneuvers, according to the packaging. The ST-A is for altitude, ST-S is for speed, ST-VL is vertical loop, and ST-G1 is glide. Each Sky Trainer is sold separately and comes with a launcher and an extra rubber band.

On the packaging of each Sky Trainer, there is a punch-out collectible flight data card as well as an online access code to be used at TestPilotToys.com, where kids can create a free account to record their flight logs, receive flying tips, and measure their skills against other pilots.

Is It Fun?

The Test Pilot Sky Trainer is easy for kids to use and actually flies very far. Kids will enjoy practicing different techniques—vertical loop, glide, speed, and altitude—with the Sky Trainer and recording their flight testing and learning more techniques online.

Who It’s For

The Sky Trainers are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Never fly the Sky Trainer toward people. Even though it is made of soft material, injury may occur. Ensure that the Sky Trainer has enough space to play with it safely.

To clean the plane, wipe softly with a damp cloth.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy