The Amazing Spider-Man Mega Battle Racer Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

The Amazing Spider-Man Mega Battle Racer is five vehicles in one: jet pack, submarine, attack jet, battle pod, and mega battle racer. When all five pieces are attached, they form the mega battle racer, which is styled after the upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man. The two sides of the mega battle racer detach, one side becoming the submarine and the other side becoming the battle pod. The tail piece detaches to become a jet pack that can be attached to the back of the Spider-Man figure. As an attack jet and mega battle racer, kids can fire a battering ram with the push of a button. A four-inch Spider-Man action figure is included.

Is It Fun?

With five different vehicles, kids can take Spider-Man on all kinds of imaginary missions. This has lots of interactive and creative play built in. Kids will be just as intrigued by the different configurations they can create as they are by all the imaginative fun they can have.

Who It’s For

The Amazing Spider-Man Mega Battle Racer is for Spider-Man fans ages 4 and up. It will likely appeal to the younger Spider-Man fans.

What To Be Aware Of

When assembling the pieces into the mega battle racer, make sure you put the tail piece on first to make assembly easier. For younger kids, it's a little hard popping the pieces together and taking them apart, so kids may need help from mom and dad. But this toy is built really tough, so kids can pull the pieces apart and snap them together without damaging the toy.

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