Xploderz XBow 1500 Review (The Maya Group)

What It Is

The Xploderz XBow 1500 is part of The Maya Group's Xploderz ammo and firing system. Xploderz ammo are soft, water-filled balls that make a fantastic splat upon impact. The ammo was originally designed to hydrate plants and soil, so after play you can leave it in the yard and it will dehydrate and go back into the soil with no problems. With the XBow 1500, kids can shoot this ammo up to 75 feet. It needs to hit a hard surface to explode, and when it does, it's quite impressive and a lot of fun.

The ammo starts out as tiny beads. Place them in the ammo depot and fill it with water. It takes about four hours for the ammo to absorb all the water and go from tiny bead to soft and squishy ball. When you're ready to play, place the ammo clip on top of the depot, slide it into place and turn it over. The ammo will drop into the clip. The clip holds about 75 pieces of ammo. Remove the clip and attach it to the Xbow 1500. Before each shot, pull back on the cocking mechanism and fire.

The XBow 1500 comes with 1,500 rounds of ammo, but you only hydrate 500 at a time in the depot.

Is It Fun?

This is great, active and competitive fun for kids. It's a great outdoor toy for the summer. Growing the ammo from a tiny pellet to a soft ball, though somewhat time consuming, is intriguing to kids. Kids will also like the long distances that the ammo flies. And seeing the ammo explode upon impact is really cool.

Who It’s For

The Xploderz XBow 1500 is for ages 8 and up.

It will appeal mostly to boys, but girls may get into the firing action, and certainly the target games that this inspires will appeal to both genders.

What To Be Aware Of

For best results, keep the XBow 1500 straight forward or tilted just a little bit upwards.

If your ammo dries out or gets sticky, just add a little more water.

There are other blasters in the line and kids can learn about them all at Xploderz.com.

Do not aim the ammo at eyes or faces. Use only the ammo designed for this product. Do not modify the Xploderz ammo or blaster.

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