Parents Bug Bungalow and Magnifier Set Review (Manhattan Toy)

What It Is

The Bug Bungalow and Magnifier Set, part of Manhattan Toy's Parents magazine toy line, can be used to contain bugs so kids can observe them. The bungalow's sides are made of mesh, allowing the bugs to breathe. There is a plastic swivel door on one side that swivels left and right to open. The bungalow has a rod across the top that can be used for hanging butterfly cocoons. Kids can wear the magnifying glass around their necks, then tie it to the bungalow's handle when they are finished observing.

Is It Fun?

The Bug Bungalow and Magnifier Set lets kids get up close and personal with bugs. Kids might have to get a little dirty to catch the bugs (and younger kids will probably need help from mom or dad), but they'll enjoy observing the live bugs and engaging their fascination with the world around them without the fear of touching the bugs.

Who It’s For

The Parents Bug Bungalow and Magnifier Set is for ages 3 and up. For the youngest kids, parents will want to supervise the kids and provide specific guidance about what bugs are and aren't appropriate for this type of play. In other words, ladybugs, yes; bees and wasps, probably not.

What To Be Aware Of

A bonus one-year subscription to Parents magazine is included with the purchase of this item. Follow the instructions on how to redeem the subscription.

Make sure to release your captured bugs back into the wild once you are done observing them.

If you want to use the Bug Bungalow and Magnifier Set to hatch a butterfly, you'll need to either capture a caterpillar in the wild or purchase one from an educational resource company, such as

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