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What It Is is a drawing app that lets users make hand-drawn pictures, sketches, doodles, notes, and scribbles by just swiping their finger across the iPad's touchscreen. Creations can be posted to the gallery and shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter. (In order to post a creation to the gallery, you must sign in with Facebook or Twitter.) Choose from one of several writing utensils (pens, markers, pencils, and highlighters) in various colors and you're ready to create. There is also an eraser in case you make a mistake.

Is It Fun? is for people of all artistic skill levels. Browsing through the gallery shows very detailed drawings along with basic stick figure creations and more abstract designs. If kids can imagine it, they can draw it with And when they are finished with one drawing, kids immediately have another blank canvas on which to draw. It's an easy and mess-free way to draw on the go.

Who It’s For

The app is age-graded for 4 and up. However, in order to share artwork through Facebook or Twitter, users of this app will need a Facebook or Twitter account. If young children are using this app, remember that Facebook has a minimum age of 13 for children to have Facebook accounts. Twitter has no minimum age, but it also has no effective filtering system other than flagging questionable links. Children will have to use a parent's Facebook or Twitter account. Parents are strongly advised to monitor children's online activities.

What To Be Aware Of is compatible with the iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later.

If you don't sign in to share your creations in the gallery or on Facebook and Twitter, there is no way to save your artwork for use outside of the app. If parents don't want their children using Facebook or Twitter, kids may get frustrated that they can't save their drawing directly to the iPad and keep their work.

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  • Available February 9, 2012