Traffic Wonder Review (Yo Ambulante)

What It Is

In the app game Traffic Wonder, players guide cars to their home garages without crashing and while conserving fuel and picking up bonus items for extra points. Players trace routes with their finger from starting point to garage. Fuel is a limited resource, so players must find the most efficient routes possible. Efficient routes will be rewarded with in-game medals. Once the routes are set, a push of the play button sets the cars in motion. The vehicles in Traffic Wonder behave realistically—speeding up on long straights and slowing down to take tight turns. In addition, different vehicle classes such as cars and vans will run at different speeds, making route-planning more challenging. And the logic puzzles get more complicated when computer-controlled cars are added to the mix. Special stop signs, which come in a limited supply and must be carefully rationed, can be placed to slow player vehicles. If your first route plan doesn't work out, just re-route your cars and try again. There are 60 levels available in the initial release, with more levels planned in subsequent updates.

Is It Fun?

Traffic Wonder players must use strategic thinking to find the most efficient routes, maximize fuel, avoid collisions, and pick up bonus items. This is an addicting app game for those who enjoy solving these types of puzzles. It may take several minutes to solve a level, but it's very satisfying when you finally figure it out.

Who It’s For

Traffic Wonder is for ages 4 and up. There is reading required, so younger children may need help from parents or an older sibling.

Traffic Wonder will appeal to people who enjoy solving logic puzzles. Other players may get frustrated after several failed attempts at beating a level. As parents, you know best whether or not this is a game your child will like.

What To Be Aware Of

Traffic Wonder is available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

When the game begins, the cars are on Autoplay, which means that as soon as you draw the routes, the cars will start moving. Under the settings option, you can turn off Autoplay so that the vehicles start driving only when you press play.

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