MLB Powerhouse Plastic Bat & Ball Review (Franklin Sports)

What It Is

The MLB Powerhouse Plastic Bat & Ball set comes with a 33.5-inch plastic bat and a 70mm plastic ball that is similar to a wiffle ball. The bat has a soft foam grip that makes it easy for kids to hold when swinging.

Is It Fun?

With the MLB Powerhouse Plastic Bat & Ball set, kids and their friends can set up wiffle ball games in the street or just practice pitching and swinging. Kids will like the soft grip handle and the distance they can hit with this bat and ball set.

Who It’s For

The MLB Powerhouse Plastic Bat & Ball set is for ages 5 and up. However, if you look at Little League regulations, 5–10 year olds generally use 30-inch bats. We think this longer bat is better for older kids, and younger kids should be working with something closer to the 30-inch standard. However, given it's light weight compared to wood or aluminum bats, even younger kids should be able to swing it comfortably.

What To Be Aware Of

The included ball does not curve as well as a real wiffle ball. It does, however, travel pretty far when hit.

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