The Dark Knight Rises QuickTek Attack Armor Bat-Pod Review (Mattel)

What It Is

Based on the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, Mattel is releasing a line of action figures and vehicles that utilize what the company calls "QuickTek technology," a feature that allows the toy to easily transform. (It's really a cleverly designed mechanism that's easy for little kids to use.) The Dark Knight Rises QuickTek Attack Armor Bat-Pod has two modes of play. Clip on the booster and help Batman chase down villains in Gotham City. When under attack, the Bat-Pod turns into an aggressive criminal-deterring machine. Just push the gold Batman button and the Bat-Pod's buzz-saw wheel protectors flip forward and a projectile-firing defense blaster pops up. A Batman action figure is included.

Is It Fun?

With the QuickTek Attack Armor Bat-Pod, kids can help the Caped Crusader fight bad guys with the push of a button. Kids will like how easy it is to transform a regular Bat-Pod into a battle-ready and heavily armed vehicle. This transforming vehicle will engage kids in all kinds of imaginative, narrative-based play.

Who It’s For

The Dark Knight Rises QuickTek Attack Armor Bat-Pod is for Batman fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Other The Dark Knight Rises QuickTek vehicles include the Turbo Jetcruiser, the Combat Bustertank, and the Gunship Hoverjet. Each is sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy