After Burner Review (Poof)

What It Is

The After Burner is a spring-launched foam airplane with sound and lights. It comes with a foam plane and a launcher. Insert the launcher rod through the back of the plane. Push the rod through the plane until the spring is fully compressed and the trigger clip locks onto the tube notch. (The back of the packaging has illustrated instructions.) To launch After Burner, point the launcher into the air and pull the trigger. The After Burner can fly 40 feet. Sound is activated when the trigger is pulled. There are hidden buttons on the bottom of the plane that, when pressed, activate two red lights on the back of the plane. To get After Burner to fly a certain way, kids can follow the instructions on the back of the packaging to bend parts.

Is It Fun?

The lights (which look better in the dark) and sounds add some excitement to launching After Burner. We didn't get ours to go 40 feet, but it did travel fairly well on a windy day. Kids can launch After Burner over and over again to see just how far they can get the plane to fly.

Who It’s For

The After Burner is for ages 5 and up. It might be difficult for young kids to load the plane onto the launcher, so adults or older kids may have to do this step.

What To Be Aware Of

After Burner comes with three button cell batteries.

Do not aim After Burner at people or animals. Do not aim at eyes or faces. Never fire any object other than After Burner.

Turning the lights on can be a little tricky. We had trouble getting the lights to stay on.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 Cell batteries required