Amoebattle Review (Grab Games)

What It Is

In Amoebattle, players take on the role of a microbiologist observing the microscopic world and its inhabitants, the single-celled amoebas. Players lead their group of amoebas against a fast-spreading infection that threatens the microscopic world. With the help of AMI, the artificial intelligence assistant, players can command their amoeba army using touchscreen controls. There are 12 game levels, or missions, and once players complete a mission, they advance to the next one.

Mission 1 is Boot Up Camp, where players learn the basics of the gameplay as taught by AMI. For instance, tap one finger on the screen where you want the amoebas to move. Use two fingers to scroll through the map. Tap once on a target to attack. This level takes about 10 minutes to get through.

Missions 2–12 are where the real gameplay begins as you encounter different bad amoebas that you must attack, mutate your own amoebas to build a bigger army, and find different objects for AMI to analyze. For example, in Mission 4 you must find and destroy clusters of bad amoebas while also protecting a microfossil of an ancient amoeba that AMI is analyzing.

Is It Fun?

The premise of the game sounds fun: battle evil amoebas to save the microscopic world. However, when it comes down to the battles, there isn't that much for players to do. Once players direct their amoeba army toward the evil amoebas, players sit back and watch as the good and bad amoebas shoot little laser balls (or something like that) at each other until either all the bad guys are gone or all the good guys. Players don't really have an active role in the battles, which is disappointing, but there are other opportunities for strategy and skill to be deployed within the game, such as when players must divide their amoeba army and send some to explore and keep others protecting an important object from the bad guys. This is more than just a quick app game. The multiple levels and in-depth storyline give it more of a video game feel, which is also why it costs more ($4.99) than a traditional app game.

Who It’s For

Amoebattle is age-graded 9 and up for infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence.

What To Be Aware Of

Amoebattle is available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPad Touch.

Game options include turning off the music and sounds and changing the sensitivity of the touchscreen.

Navigating the map can be difficult because you aren't allowed to see the whole map as you go along.

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