American Girl Crafts Doll Style Set Review (EKSuccess Brands)

What It Is

The Doll Style Set, part of EKSuccess Brands' American Girl Crafts line, is designed to be a group activity. One 128-piece Doll Style Set comes with four kits, allowing four party guests to create four accessories for their American Girl dolls. Layer the felt pieces and lace them together. Tie the pieces with a sturdy square knot, then tie them to a doll headband or bracelet. Each of the four kits includes a project and idea booklet, 19 die-cut felt pieces, six beads, a button, 1.38 yards of stretchy string, two doll-sized headbands, and two doll-sized bracelets. Also included is a sheet of name labels. For easy organization and a personal touch, place a name label sticker on each girl's bag of supplies.

Is It Fun?

The American Girl Crafts Doll Style Set offers a creative alternative to traditional party favors. It makes a fun party activity for everyone to do, and guests will like that they can take home their crafts when the party is over and have cool new accessories for their American Girl dolls.

Who It’s For

The American Girl Crafts Doll Style Set is for American Girl doll owners ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To complete the projects in this kit, you will need scissors, a ruler, and an adult to help.

If you have more than four guests coming to your party, you will need to purchase more than one Doll Style Set.

It helps if all of your guests already own American Girl dolls, but a girl could use these accessories with other large dolls.

Avoid placing crafted items against your doll's bare skin as colors may bleed onto doll and leave permanent stains. Never get the doll wet because it increases the risk of dye rub-off.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy