Deluxe Battleship Movie Edition Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

Deluxe Battleship Movie Edition is based on the upcoming Battleship movie. It's an electronically elaborate version of the classic game with the addition of alien themes and ships from the movie narrative. The on-board computer offers three types of games (classic, multi-attack, and salvo), two different weapons choices (basic and advanced), and two fleet deployment options (custom and pre-determined). All of this is outlined in the 28-page rulebook.

To play, unfold the game, get it to stand up and balance, and hand out the pegs. You can either deploy your fleet as you do in traditional Battleship by placing them anywhere on the grid or you can use one of the pre-determined configurations. Either way, you'll enter the coordinates of the ships into the computer or the custom deployment number. If you play in classic mode, it's just like traditional Battleship where you enter coordinates and find out if you've hit or missed a target. The more advanced games give you additional weapons choices, the ability to scan the battle zone, and different numbers of shots per turn. There is also a solo game that allows a player to take on the computer.

Is It Fun?

The different options add interest to the classic game. However, it takes a long time to get this game going. Kids want to open up a game and start playing right away. This took us more than 15 minutes just to get ready to play. The computer adds bells, whistles, and explosions to the solo game, which was impossible to play in previous versions. It also adds variables that change up the game and give players increased ability to hit several coordinates on one turn, which can speed up the game and add some fun additional dimensions. But we felt that it takes away some of the human interaction, which is an important component of any board game. Parents and players are going to have to decide whether or not the game enhancements are sufficient to make it worthwhile to spend about twice as much on this game as compared to the revamped Classic Battleship also introduced in a movie version.

Who It’s For

Deluxe Battleship Movie Edition is for Battleship fans ages 8 and up. This game is definitely designed for more advanced Battleship players. The instructions are very complex, and the number of gameplay and set-up variables may be too much for a typical 8-year-old.

What To Be Aware Of

Three AA batteries are required but not included.

Adult assembly is required. An adult with patience and a steady hand should be assembling this game.

You will want to hang onto the rulebook because you will need it as a reference as you play the game.

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    3 AA batteries required