Bounce-A-Long Buddies Trotter Review (FS-USA)

What It Is

Bounce-A-Long Buddies Trotter is a horse-shaped hopping ball. It is made of a strong yet soft, latex-free, durable material. Trotter's ears double as soft-grip handles that kids can hold on to as they bounce and move around. Trotter is 20 inches tall and can be used indoors or outdoors. Also available is Bounce-A-Long Buddies Moo-Moo, a cow-shaped hopping ball.

Is It Fun?

Bounce-A-Long Buddies Trotter offers kids a classic play pattern—bouncing and riding. Kids will enjoy pretending to be a cowboy or cowgirl, rodeo rider or whatever they can imagine.

Who It’s For

Bounce-A-Long Buddies Trotter is for ages 3 and up. There is a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds. Older children, 5 and up, may have a hard time bouncing on Trotter because their legs will be too long.

What To Be Aware Of

Only one child can ride Trotter at a time. Adult supervision is required when children are riding.

Younger children may have a little bit of a learning curve as they get used to riding, but once they get it, riding the toy can support balance and coordination development.

Trotter comes uninflated. The toy features a self-seal needle valve, which can be inflated with any standard ball pump or at your nearest gas station. For best results, use an electric pump.

Keep Trotter out of extreme temperatures and away from sharp objects.

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