Bratz Funk n Glow - Jade Review (MGA Entertainment)

What It Is

The Bratz Funk 'n Glow dolls are dressed to celebrate with light-up party dresses and tiaras. Press the button on the front of the dress and the doll's dress and tiara light up. Put on the special HoloSpex 3-D glasses to reveal holographic light designs on the dress and tiara. Each of the five dolls in the collection have a different effect. Jade's dress and tiara light up with flowers, Cloe sparkles with hearts, Sasha lights up with stars, Yasmin lights up with kisses, and Meygan lights up with diamonds. (Each doll is sold separately). The lights have a three-way flicker pattern: all lights flash on and off, the lights blink more slowly in random sequence, and the lights blink quickly in a circle. Press the doll's button to change between each flicker pattern. Each doll includes a purse, earrings, and a brush.

Is It Fun?

The Bratz Funk 'n Glow dolls are gorgeous fashion dolls with a really neat 3-D feature that kids will like. These dolls merge fun fashion play with just a little touch of "magic".

Who It’s For

Bratz Funk 'n Glow dolls are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The dolls require three button cell batteries, but these are for in-store try-me purposes. MGA recommends replacing the batteries before you play for best results.

The HoloSpex glasses are not intended for use while driving vehicles, operating machinery, looking at the sun, or performing physical activity. Do not use the glasses for an extended period of time or for any purpose other than that specified.

Make sure you move the doll's switch from Try Me to On in order to activate all the features.

After 30 seconds without play, the doll will "sleep" to conserve battery power.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 Cell batteries required