Felt Mosaic Review (eeBoo)

What It Is

Felt Mosaic is a game that introduces children to color, form, and design. The game comes with 50 double-sided cards numbered 1-100. Kids work their way through the cards in sequential order (the lower-numbered cards are easiest), using colorful felt shapes to recreate the patterns, designs, and images they see on the cards.

Cards 1-5 ask children to combine triangles to create squares, parallelograms, rectangles, and larger triangles. Cards 6-10 show recognizable images, such as a boat, and introduce children to the possibilities of manipulating the triangles to create simple pictures. With cards 11-23, kids will use the felt shapes to create different patterns. Cards 24-36 introduce kids to negative space, the background area around an object. These cards explore patterns that treat the negative space as a foreground shape. Cards 37-40 create illusions of overlapping shapes or implied continuity of line and form, as the game calls it. Perspective is explored with cards 41-44, showing examples of isometric figures. With cards 45-52, children will explore color. Color is also part of cards 53-68, used to give the impression of overlapping figures. Cards 69-81 use triangles to create animals and cards 82-94 use triangles to create people. And cards 95-100 ask children to make the letters of the alphabet using the triangles.

The game contains 72 felt triangles in nine colors, a flocked game board, and 50 cards illustrating 100 practice images.

Is It Fun?

Though described as a game, Felt Mosaic is more of a puzzle toy for young children. Kids must manipulate the triangle shapes to match what is shown on the card. The brightly colored triangles and tactile aspect of Felt Mosaic will keep younger children engaged, but older kids will probably have more fun trying to puzzle out how to recreate the designs and images on the cards, especially the harder cards. When not playing with the cards, kids can also engage in open-ended play with the triangle pieces, placing them however they want on the board and creating all sorts of different designs and creations.

Who It’s For

Felt Mosaic is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It's recommended that parents play along with younger children to help reinforce some of the educational components behind the play. However, children should be allowed to be largely in control of the play experience.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy