Captain Action Review (Captain Action Enterprises)

What It Is

Captain Action is a classic toy that is now making a comeback. First introduced in 1966, Captain Action followed G.I. JOE into the market in the early days of the boys' action figure. What made Captain Action unique is that the figure could be changed into different characters by changing out his head and his clothes. Over the years Captain Action has come back several times, and today he appears as an 11.5-inch tall figure that can be converted into a variety of Marvel superheroes, such as Captain America and Spider-Man. The Marvel costumes for the action figure are sold separately. Captain Action comes with a cloth costume with hat, belt, and boots. Accessories include a sword, communicator, and laser gun.

Is It Fun?

Captain Action isn't for kids engaging in contemporary action figure play. It's much more about the dress-up and display, part of the reason why it's geared toward ages 14 and up. For guys who are familiar with Captain Action and want to recapture a little bit of their childhood, this might be a good idea.

Who It’s For

Captain Action is for ages 14 and up. The finished figure is really best for display, so we'd put this in the collector category. It's best for guys who remember and love Captain Action.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 10 minutes to transform Captain Action into Captain America, and we couldn't get his gloves to stay on when we tried to transform him into Captain America.

To change the faces, each mask fits over the figure's head. This is not very easy, and it requires a lot of trial and error to get it right. We didn't find one easy way to do it. So, be patient.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty