Alex Jr. Tots Art Start Review (Alex)

What It Is

Tots Art Start, part of Alex's Alex Jr. line, is designed to be a toddler's first art kit. With the pieces in this kit, kids can create six works of art. No glue is needed; just stick, scribble, and collage. The kit comes with two preprinted paper frames, three crayons for scribbling, a paper giraffe and tree with 68 stickers, and two crack-and-peel collage boards with two doilies, 20 tissue papers, two fringe papers, and crepe paper. The crayons are triangular to offer smaller hands an easy grip.

Is It Fun?

This art kit lets young children easily get creative with a variety of art supplies. It's a great way to get preschoolers using their imaginations to create works of art, while at the same time helping with fine motor skills and offering tactile play. And parents will like that the arts and crafts projects in this kit require no cutting and no glue.

Who It’s For

Tots Art Start is for ages 18 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To use the crack-and-peel collage boards, make sure you remove the protective sticker paper to reveal the stickiness underneath. Otherwise, kids won't be able to stick anything to the boards.

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