Parents Around-the-Yard Push Mower Review (Manhattan Toy)

What It Is

The Parents Around-the-Yard Push Mower is part of Manhattan Toy's Parents magazine toy line for babies and preschoolers. This indoor/outdoor wooden push mower looks a little like a classic manual lawn mower. It is designed to help babies develop strength, balance, and coordination. The push mower features an easy-grip, wide handle that accommodates growing hands. When kids roll the push mower across the ground or floor, they will hear a click-clack sound of the colorful balls spinning around inside as the wheels turn.

Is It Fun?

As babies begin walking, they often need a walker to help them along. The Parents Around-the-Yard Push Mower helps children get moving. Little kids will love the sound of the balls spinning as they move, and parents will appreciate the sturdy wooden construction and classic look of this toy.

Who It’s For

The Parents Around-the-Yard Push Mower is for ages 12 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This push mower works great outside and on carpet, but if your child is using this on a smooth surface and still needs help balancing or isn't yet secure walking independently, keep an eye on your child so that he doesn't slip and fall.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy