Monsuno Strike Launcher Review (Jakks Pacific)

What It Is

The Monsuno Strike Launcher is part of the exciting new boys' toy line based on the animated TV series Monsuno. Combining exciting entertainment with various styles of action-packed play that feature competition, Monsuno has all the makings of the next big boys' hit. In Monsuno battles, spinning is the basic battle action. Getting the knack of that may be a little challenging for some kids. The Monsuno Strike Launcher solves that problem and creates a dramatic addition to the play. Position the Monsuno Core into the launcher. Hold it down on the table and squeeze the trigger to release the Monsuno Core with animation-inspired lights and increased spin, speed, and accuracy.

Is It Fun?

In addition to ease of use, this will give the experienced Monsuno player more control over the spinning and add to the battle play. This is a really great addition to the Monsuno line that includes manipulative, competitive, and collectible play, as well as a great and engaging story.

Who It’s For

The Monsuno Strike Launcher is for ages 4 and up.

Kids who may have a hard time mastering the spinning motion using just their fingers will like this. They'll also like the dimension of light and action this brings to the play.

It will really appeal to kids who are familiar with the Monsuno TV show, which is where most kids will learn about the storyline behind the characters.

What To Be Aware Of

Monsuno Cores are sold separately.

Kids can learn about all the details of the Monsuno story at

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy