Outdoor Colored Bubbles Review (Crayola)

What It Is

Crayola introduced colored bubbles in 2011, and there were some problems with use, particularly with mess and staining, despite lots of directions on the package labels. Crayola took all the feedback to heart, and reformulated the solution, and we're happy to say that the result is a winner. The previous problems with cleaning and staining are gone. The colors rub off of skin and clean up easily from most surfaces. You'll still want to pay attention to the extensive directions, and this is a messy product for outdoor use only, but that's also part of the fun. There's no denying that many kids just love mess. Outdoor Colored Bubbles include a bubble wand and are available in three colors: Purple Pizzazz, Unmellow Yellow, and Fuchsia.

Is It Fun?

We blew the colored bubbles onto a white T-shirt, then washed the shirt for 18 minutes on Normal with the proper amount of detergent and then dried it. We were really impressed with how well the colored bubble spots came out. Crayola has improved on its Outdoor Colored Bubbles to make them less messy for parents and still fun for kids who want to catch, pop, and chase bubbles in their favorite colors.

Who It’s For

Outdoor Colored Bubbles are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

These are for outside use only. We recommend that your child wear play clothes or something that you don't mind getting a little bit messy. While the bubbles will leave colorful marks on outdoor surfaces and clothing, they are designed to clean up from most outdoor surfaces and clothing. Follow the cleaning directions on the bottle.

Outdoor Colored Bubbles are not recommended for use on concrete surfaces less than six months old. Keep away from marble, stone, wood, or other porous surfaces or the color may penetrate and stain these surfaces. Keep away from clothing such as silk, leather, and suede or other material that cannot be washed.

When you take the bubble wand out of the solution, it is a little drippy. The bubble solution itself is a bit heavy, so the bubbles don't fly that high.

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