GeoPalz Pedometer Review (GeoPalz)

What It Is

GeoPalz is a decorative pedometer and online game that allows kids and families to earn points through physical activity. Worn on the hip or shoe, the GeoPalz pedometer uses Tri-Axis accelerometer technology to accurately (98 percent accurate) track steps and physical activity. The pedometer can store up to 21 days of data. By logging onto the GeoPalz website (which is free to use), users can securely record their activity to earn points, which can be redeemed at the GeoPalz website for free activity-based products, prizes, and rewards. In addition to the kids' activity recorded by GeoPalz, parents can track activity for the entire family on the GeoPalz website. Track steps, weight, height, and calories burned and consumed for the whole family. There are 26 pedometer designs, including a football, a soccer ball, a basketball, a sunflower, a rose, a smiley face, a butterfly, and more. Each pedometer comes with a safety leash, instructions, and a unique registration key for use on Other features include an anti-cheat function, internal clock, and water resistancy.

Is It Fun?

GeoPalz's message of "Walk to Win" motivates kids and families to get active. The GeoPalz pedometer and website is easy for kids to use. Kids can choose the GeoPalz pedometer that most reflects their personality. They'll like wearing the pedometer around, knowing that they're earning points that they can redeem for cool prizes.

Who It’s For

The GeoPalz pedometer is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It's a little difficult to open up the pedometer's cover. Kids will need help from parents to get it open. Once open, you might not want to close it all the way again, otherwise you'll have to struggle to open it again.

The pedometer's case material is ABS with a rubber coating. The outer material is phthalate-free PVC.

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