Easter Stuffed Animals Review (Aurora)

What It Is

Aurora stuffed animals in Easter and spring themes include Bop Bunny, which is a soft bunny with long floppy ears, pink highlights, and a polka dot bow. Bop Bunny is available in three sizes: small (8.5 inches), medium (11 inches), and large (16 inches). All sizes are bean-filled. The small retails for about $8, the medium retails for about $13, and the large is around $20.

Aurora's Baby Bunny Assortment is part of the Mini Flopsie line. Each eight-inch bunny is bean-filled and available in three colors: white, grey and white, or brown and white. Each Baby Bunny retails for about $8.50.

New in the Too Cute Springtime Friends line are Quack, Hop, and Bah. Quack is a duck, Hop is a bunny, and Bah is a lamb. Each 10-inch stuffed animal wears a felt nametag around its neck. They retail for about $13 and are sold separately. Six-inch versions of Bah and Hop are also part of Aurora's Fancy Pals pet carriers line. Each is sold separately and retails for about $13.

Is It Fun?

These stuffed animals are really cute and cuddly and will make a great addition to any child's Easter basket or any time of the year.

Who It’s For

Aurora's Easter Stuffed Animals are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Even though these are Easter-themed stuffed animals, kids will want to cuddle with them well after the Easter holiday.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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