The Lorax Books Review (Random House)

What It Is

Random House has released a new collection of books based on Dr. Seuss' 1971 book The Lorax. These books have been released to coincide with the new 3-D, CG-animated movie starring Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, and Taylor Swift. The Lorax movie expands on the story, but fans of Dr. Seuss and his ahead-of-his-time environmental message will want the original on the shelves.

The Lorax was first published in 1971, and the new edition is printed on recycled paper as part of the earth-friendly The Lorax Project, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire earth-friendly action worldwide by individuals of all ages. The book retails for about $14.95.

The Lorax Pop-up! features the original text of Dr. Seuss' tale with magnificent pop-ups (such as when the Lorax first appears from the trunk of the Truffula Tree), gatefold panels, pull tabs, and special effects. The book retails for about $29.99.

The Lorax A Tree for Me! is a coloring book with more than 30 stickers. It retails for about $3.99.

The Lorax Doodle Book comes with more than 120 pages for doodling, drawing, and coloring. Also included are more than 50 stickers. The book retails for about $5.99.

There are several Step Into Reading books featuring the Lorax character. Look for the Lorax is a Step 1 Ready to Read book for preschoolers to kindergarteners. It has big type and easy words, along with picture clues. How to Help the Earth–by the Lorax is a Step 3 Reading on Your Own book for grades 1–3. It introduces kids to new words, popular topics, and easy-to-follow plots. Both books retail for about $3.99.

Is It Fun?

Adults who grew up reading The Lorax book will want to share this new collection of classic and updated versions with their kids. The message of The Lorax, that our actions have consequences, is an important one for kids to learn and for parents to reinforce. The original book and the pop-up book do that well. If kids fall in love with the characters in the story, the additional books may make a nice addition to the family library.

Who It’s For

Most of the books are for ages 3 and up. The age grading for the Step Into Reading books varies based on a child's age and reading level.

What To Be Aware Of

The environmental message is hit hard in the Step Into Reading book How to Help the Earth—by the Lorax. While we certainly support the message, the book itself gets to be a little preachy and less fun. Fun is what reinforces independent reading.

The activity books are cute, but because they are all about The Lorax story, they'll not mean much to kids who haven't been immersed in the book or the film.

The Lorax movie hits theaters March 2, 2012

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