Groovy Girls Craftilicious Cupcake Creations Review (Manhattan Toy)

What It Is

Manhattan Toy adds a new craft element to its Groovy Girls brand. The new Groovy Girls Design Your Own Collection offers creative ways for girls to express themselves through arts and crafts kits that feature familiar Groovy Girls characters. The Craftalicious Cupcake Creations kit lets kids create their own cupcake designs on pretend cupcakes. With pretend frosting and colorful clay, kids can decorate each cupcake however they want. Squeeze clay out of one of the piping bags and onto the cupcake. Use lightweight clays and molds to add decorative shapes onto the cupcake. Kids can also add gems and glitter paint. Peel and wrap a decorative sticker around the base of the cupcake. When finished decorating, allow the cupcake to air dry. (The directions don't say how long it will take, but we're guessing you should allow at least 24 hours.) Then you're ready to play and display. The top of each pretend cupcake can be removed, turning the cupcake into a keepsake container when kids are finished decorating. The kit includes three cupcake-shaped containers, six pots of colored molding clay, three piping clay bags, three sets of decorating gadgets, a tube of glitter paint, a sheet of cupcake liner stickers, 12 gems, a molding tray, a cupcake display plate, and an instruction sheet.

Is It Fun?

The Groovy Girls Craftalicious Cupcake Creations set allows kids to get creative and design and decorate their very own pretend cupcakes. Kids will like that they can engage in pretend play with the cupcakes after decorating or they can use the cupcakes as functional and great-looking storage for small items.

Who It’s For

Groovy Girls Craftalicious Cupcake Creations is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Even though these cupcakes may look tasty, do not eat them. They are not edible.

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using the piping bags, so you may want to practice on a spare piece of paper before you start decorating the cupcakes.

Before you begin, protect your work area with plastic or a drop cloth. It is also recommended that you wear old clothing or a protective apron. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water when done.

Place leftover clay in a self-sealing storage bag or container.

Nozzles and molds are reusable. Wash them with warm water after use. Use an old toothbrush to remove any piping clay that remains in the nozzles after washing. Do not rinse large amounts of any clay down the sink as it may cause the drainpipe to become blocked.

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