Squishy Baff Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Squishy Baff turns an ordinary bath into a squishy, gooey adventure that's completely safe and environmentally friendly. Each Squishy Baff kit comes with enough Squishy Baff powder to make two baths. Fill your tub with 2.5 inches, or eight gallons, of lukewarm water. (For accuracy, measure the water. Start with less water and add more to reach your preferred goo consistency.) Evenly sprinkle one pouch of the Step 1 Squishy Maker contents throughout the tub. Stir the mixture into the water. Goo will start to form. The full transformation will take between five and 10 minutes. One pouch of Step 1 Squishy Maker creates eight thick gallons of goo. Use the Step 2 Squishy Dissolver, which is really just regular table salt, to turn the goo back into water. While still in the tub, evenly sprinkle the Squishy Dissolver into the tub and mix it into the goo. The dissolving process takes between five and 10 minutes to complete. Once you drain the tub, a small amount of residue will remain. Simply rinse it down with more water. Squishy Baff can also be used to create smaller amounts of goo in a bowl, bucket, wading pool, or sink. Each kit comes with two 5.3-ounce pouches of Squishy Baff powder, two 2.6-ounce pouches of Squishy Baff Dissolver, and an instruction guide. Squishy Baff comes in a variety of colors: pink, red, blue, and green.

Is It Fun?

Squishy Baff turns regular water into a gooey substance that feels gross and great at the same time. This is great silly fun that kids will have a blast with.

Who It’s For

Squishy Baff is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

While children play in the bathtub, adult supervision is advised.

Squishy Baff is environmentally safe and won't clog properly functioning drains. It does not contain irritants, artificial fragrance, or preservatives.

In rare cases, individuals may exhibit skin sensitivity. Try a small amount on an area of skin prior to use. Discontinue use if any irritation is observed. Wash off thoroughly after use. Should there be any signs of skin irritation or redness during or after use, rinse with plenty of cold water. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice. Do not let Squishy Baff come in contact with open cuts, broken skin, or wounds.

Squishy Baff may stain refurbished tubs. For all tubs, try a small section of the tub with a small portion of a prepared sample first to ensure it does not stain. To avoid staining, never pour Squishy Baff Goo Powder into a tub or bowl without water. To avoid clogging drains, always use Goo Dissolver to completely dissolve Squishy Baff prior to draining.

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