Pop Grrl Nail Charms Review (The Wish Factory)

What It Is

Popgrrl Nail Charms are the first product in the Popgrrl collection, which combines fashion and fun for tween girls. The nail charms are stick-on nails with three-dimensional nail art effects, including glittery textures and different shapes that pop right off the nail.

Before you put on the nail charms, clean and dry your nails thoroughly. Place a nail charm over your natural nail and press down. To remove, soak nails in warm water. Once the glue has loosened, gently peel the nail from your finger.

Popgrrl Nail Charms come in a variety of basic designs, including the Sweet Tooth, Animal Instinct, and Bow So Cute collections. The line also features licensed candy brands, including fruit-scented Blow Pop, chocolate-scented Tootsie Roll, and Gummy Bears. Each pack of 10 nail charms is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

Popgrrl Nail Charms combine the collectability of charms with the personal expressive nature of easy stick-on fashion nails. Girls don't have to worry about their nail polish chipping or having enough time to dry their nails. When they stick on Popgrrl Nail Charms, their nails are immediately done. This is also an easy way for kids to take part in the 3-D nail art trend that has become so popular among their favorite celebrities.

Who It’s For

Popgrrl Nail Charms are for ages 6 and up. The size of the stick-on nails might fit better on slightly older girls' hands. They fit perfectly on our adult nails, which means that moms can also get in on the trendy nail fun.

What To Be Aware Of

Popgrrl Nail Charms are sold exclusively at Toys "R" Us stores and ToysRUs.com.

These nail charms are not permanent, which means they are easy for kids to remove whenever they want. After a couple days of wearing the nails, you'll find that you might have to remove them because the nails will start to lose their stickiness and won't stay on as well. Be careful doing certain activities because the nail charms can pop off. We had problems with buttoning coats and even opening a drawer. If a nail charm pops off, you can stick it back on, but it won't stick as well as it did originally.

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