Star Wars Folded Flyers Review (Klutz)

What It Is

Instead of paper airplanes, Star Wars Folded Flyers lets kids make 30 paper starfighters, including Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, a Naboo Starfighter, the Millennium Falcon, a T-65 X-Wing, a BTL-B Y-Wing, and a Jedi Starfighter. Kids will be able to create five versions of each kind of starfighter. The book has introductions to each starfighter written in the voice of the ship's pilots, such as Anakin Skywalker and Han Solo, that tell kids about the ship and what it can do in battle. Each of the pages to be folded are printed on both sides in full color on paper stock that's idea for creating paper airplanes. The instructions are very clear, with minimal, easy cutting and guides on how to fold to achieve the best results. The book also includes tape, which is used in some of the starfighters.

Is It Fun?

These paper replicas of ships and fighters from Star Wars really fly well. (Be sure to read the tips for each of the different Starfighters, as they each respond differently.) The paper is high-quality and you get really cool results. There's not that much complex cutting involved and the folding is very straight-forward. This is a great activity for one child or as a shared play date project. It's also going to intrigue Star Wars fans who want to make their own starfighter fleet.

Who It’s For

Star Wars Folded Flyers is for Star Wars fans ages 8 and up.

It's also a unique and unusual product for a Star Wars collector.

What To Be Aware Of

You can order more supplies for the book at

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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