Fruit Ninja: Slice of Life Review (Mattel)

What It Is

Fruit Ninja Slice of Life is a two-player, skill-and-action game inspired by the app game in which players try to slice fruit in specific patterns—and avoid the devastating bombs that can bring an end to the game. As an off-app game, Mattel has created a hyperactive version of concentration in which players have to follow the patterns on Mission Cards to slice the correct fruit, while avoiding the bombs.

To play, each player takes 10 pieces of plastic fruit. There are five different fruits—lemons, kiwis, oranges, apples, and watermelon. Some of the fruit pieces have a slice on one side, while other pieces have bombs. Players need to have one regular piece of each fruit and one bomb fruit. For example, a player will take one bomb lemon and one slice lemon, one bomb orange and one slice orange, and so on. Players arrange the fruit pieces randomly in front of him or her, and they're ready to play. Turn over a Mission Card. The first player to flip over the correct fruit pieces to match the sliced fruit on the card wins the card. To flip over the fruit pieces, you can either "slice" it (flip it) or "chop" it (hit it) with the sword. You can't use your hands. If you flip over a piece of fruit with the bomb on it, you have to turn it back over. If the player who grabbed the card isn't correct, his or her opponent takes the card instead. Play continues until one player gets five cards. Fruit Ninja Slice of Life includes 20 fruit pieces, two swords, and 40 Mission Cards.

Is It Fun?

Fruit Ninja Slice of Life is a version of the type of classic,"Concentration-style" gameplay that appeals to younger players, but it has the added feature of using the name of one of the most popular "big kid" apps today, and it's very active, compared to other similar games. It's cute, fun, and fast-paced and helps reinforce memory building and concentration and encourages pattern-matching skills—all in a fun and age-appropriate context.

Who It’s For

Fruit Ninja Slice of Life is for ages 5 and up. The game will appeal to fans of the app who are looking for a new way to play off-screen, but you don't have to be familiar with the app in order to play and enjoy Fruit Ninja Slice of Life.

What To Be Aware Of

When using the chopping method to flip over the fruit pieces, be careful because the fruit might go flying.

For a longer game, play until a winner gets 10 Mission Cards.

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