How Tall Am I? Review (Jax Games)

What It Is

In How Tall Am I?, players roll the die, collect five different body part pieces and stack up the parts to create a silly character. On each turn, a player rolls the die to see what part to collect. For example, if the player rolls a hat, then he or she can select from any of the six hats to place in front of him. The next player then rolls the die and selects a character part in the same manner. Play continues with each player rolling the die once per turn and collecting one part per turn. If a player rolls a wild, that player may select any part for his or her character. If a player rolls a part he or she already has, that player does not get to collect a part and that turn is over. When a player has collected one hat, one head, one arms part, one body part, and one feet part, the player measures the height of the character using the measuring ruler. (Character parts can be collected in any order [determined by the roll of the die], but must be placed in the following order, from bottom to top: feet, body, arms, head, and hat.) After all characters are completed and measured, the player with the tallest character wins. If two or more players have characters with the same height, the player who completed the character first is the winner. There are 30 different pieces to choose from, so players can create a different character every time they play.

How Tall Am I? is for two to four players. It comes with 30 character parts (six hats, six heads, six arms, six bodies, and six feet), a custom measuring ruler that includes inches on one side and centimeters on the other, and a die.

Is It Fun?

How Tall Am I? is easy to learn and play, and reading is not required to play, which makes this game easy and enjoyable for pre- and early readers. (Although parents might want to play along or supervise to show kids how to use and read the ruler.) This offers young kids the chance to work with numbers and measuring in a fun way. It also introduces kids to strategy, as they discover what pieces they need to pick in order to create the tallest character. With so many different characters to create using the character pieces, gameplay will be different each time you play.

Who It’s For

The manufacturer says that How Tall Am I? is for ages 3–8. We think that's a little broad, and that kids at the higher end of this age range are likely to find the game too simple. More realistically, this game will appeal to 3–5 year olds who are beginning to understand the basic concepts of size and relationship that the game emphasizes.

What To Be Aware Of

There are other ways to play the game (not suggested in the game instructions), such as asking kids to make a character that is the shortest or that is only a certain number of inches high. Get creative and come up with your own way to play the game if creating only tall characters gets to be too repetitive for your kids.

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