Fruit Ninja Card Game Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The Fruit Ninja Card Game has been inspired by the popular app. You won't need your digital device to play this fun card game version of Fruit Ninja. The Fruit Ninja Card Game challenges players to cut a deck of colorful fruit-designed cards. Like the digital version, the object of the game is to be faster than your opponent and collect the most fruit cards to win.

To start, shuffle all the cards and place the deck facedown. On your turn, cut the deck (Lift up a portion of cards from the deck.) and choose which card you want to take without looking at the face of the card. You will decide between the top card on the bottom half of the deck or the bottom card from the deck in your hand (the top half). After you choose a card, look at it. If you chose either a Fruit Card or a Power Banana Card, you can add it to that turn's bounty. Then you can cut the deck again and choose another card. You can cut the deck as many times as you want, but beware of drawing a card with a bomb on it. If you choose a bomb card, your turn ends and you lose any fruit collected from that turn. You can save any Fruit or Power Banana Cards by deciding to end your turn before a bomb shows up. These saved cards are yours to keep and go toward the goal of collecting the right number or kinds of fruit.

There are three types of Power Banana Cards: Steal 1 Fruit, which allows the player to take one Fruit Card from another player; Ignore One Bomb, which can be used to ignore a bomb if you draw a card with a bomb; and Take Another Turn, which allows a player to cut the deck once more even if a bomb has ended his turn.

You can win in one of two ways: Collect a card with each kind of fruit on it (seven cards) or collect a total of 25 fruit of any kind. The Fruit cards show one, two, or five fruit. Add the number of fruit on your cards together and if you get 25, you win.

The game comes with 103 Fruit Ninja cards. It is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

Instead of cutting fruit, like in the app, the Fruit Ninja Card Game has players "cutting" the card deck to collect fruit and points. The game is easy to learn but requires a bit of strategy. You can cut the deck however many times you want, but there's always a chance you might draw a bomb, so you'll need to decide when to end your turn before a bomb does.

Who It’s For

The Fruit Ninja Card Game is for ages 5 and up. It will mainly appeal to fans of the app, but you don't have to be familiar with the app game to play the card game.

What To Be Aware Of

There are special rules for cutting the deck on your turn. When you cut the cards, you must leave the bottom cards behind. This means, as you continue on your turn, you'll only be able to cut the cards from the top section of the cards, the ones still in your hand. So if you cut the deck too thin, your turn will be over faster.

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