Scratch & Sniff Valentines Review (Peaceable Kingdom)

What It Is

Scratch & Sniff Valentines come in two scented varieties: Chocolate and Stinky Bugs. The Scratch & Sniff Chocolate Valentines are chocolate-scented and come with 28 cards and envelopes. There are four card styles: box of chocolate, ice cream cone, cupcake, and cookies. Each card has space on the back for kids to write a message.

The Scratch & Sniff Stinky Bugs Valentines smell, well, stinky. The cards feature colorful cartoon bugs. The kit comes with 28 Valentines and envelopes. There are four card styles with different bugs and Valentine's Day greetings on them. Each card has space on the back for kids to write a message.

Is It Fun?

Scratch & Sniff Valentines add a cool feature to traditional Valentine's Day cards. Kids will have a lot of fun scratching and sniffing the cards the sweet-scented Chocolate cards and trying to identify all the different scents in the Stinky Bugs cards.

Who It’s For

Scratch & Sniff Valentines are for ages 5 and up. The Stinky Bugs Valentines really are kind of stinky and gross, so they'll probably appeal more to boys and pranksters, while the colors and style (and delicious smell) of the Chocolate Valentines will appeal more to girls.

What To Be Aware Of

Also available is a Scratch & Sniff Strawberry Chillin' Valentines set with 28 strawberry-scented cards in four ice-cream and popsicle designs with envelopes.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy