Skip-Bo Dice Game Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The object of the Skip-Bo Dice Game is to be the first person to collect five Skip-Bo Mission cards. In order to get a Mission card, a player must match a number sequence shown on the card by rolling dice. To start, shuffle the Skip-Bo cards and place them face down in the middle of the playing area. Each player takes three dice of the same color. Turn over the top Skip-Bo card on the card pile. All players roll their dice to try to get numbers on the dice to match the numbers shown on the Skip-Bo card. For example, if a card says "3, 4, 5", then players must match that sequence by rolling one 3, one 4, and one 5. If a die lands on SB, that may be used to count as any number needed to complete the sequence. All players continue to roll and re-roll their dice until a player has matched the sequence shown on the card. (You can save any die you want to keep and only roll the other dice in your hand.) When you match a sequence shown, yell "Skip-Bo!" and grab the card. Turn over the next card on the pile and start rolling again. If two players match the sequence at the same time, the first to yell "Skip-Bo!" and grab the card gets to keep the card. The first player to collect five cards wins.

Skip-Bo Dice Game comes with 12 dice in four colors, 17 Skip-Bo Mission cards, and a soda can-shaped storage container. It is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

The Skip-Bo Dice Game is based on the original Skip-Bo card game. As in the card game, you're trying to get numbers in sequence, but the goal and gameplay of the Skip-Bo Dice Game is different, which really makes the Skip-Bo Dice Game a separate game and a whole new way for fans of the original card game to play. Everyone rolling their dice at the same time makes the easy-to-learn Skip-Bo Dice Game fast-paced and exciting, as players try to be the first person to match the Skip-Bo card.

Who It’s For

Skip-Bo Dice Game is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Only one SB may be used to complete a sequence. At least two of the dice rolled must be the actual number needed.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy