Polly Pocket Carpool Cruiser Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The Polly Pocket Carpool Cruiser is a car with a backseat pool, which, of course gives new meaning to the phrase carpool. Use the lever to roll down the car's top to reveal a pool in the backseat. Fill the backseat pool with water and push the button to create bubbles. The included Polly doll features color-change hair that transforms with warm and cold water. The driver's side door opens and closes. Two dolls can sit in the front seat, and there are two seatbelts for them to wear while "driving." The vehicle also comes with accessories, such as a towel, a hat, sunglasses, a bag, sandals, and beverage cup. Additional Polly Pocket dolls are sold separately.

Is It Fun?

The Polly Pocket Carpool Cruiser adds some water play to small doll play. While having a pool in a car might be baffling to some adults, fans of Polly know that this is just the kind of fun but quirky stuff that shows up in her world. Kids will like the surprise of Polly's color-change hair and the reveal of the backseat pool. This playset is a great addition to any Polly Pocket collection, and it offers lots of imaginative play to Polly fans.

Who It’s For

The Polly Pocket Carpool Cruiser is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For the color-change hair effect, make sure to use icy cold water. Polly's hair will return to its original color when you apply warm water.

Overfilling the pool may cause leakage. Because this toy uses water, it's best to play with it in an area where it's okay to get wet. Drain, rinse, clean, and dry all items thoroughly before storing.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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