Monster High Create-A-Monster: Vampire & Sea Monster Starter Pack Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The Monster High Create-A-Monster Vampire & Sea Monster Starter Pack lets kids build and create their own Monster High doll. The kit includes all the necessary body parts and fashions to create a monstrously fabulous and fashionable character, including a torso, two sets of limbs, two heads, one hairstyle (wig), two fashions, and additional accessories. The body parts easily snap together, and kids can put the parts together however they want. For instance, kids can use the sea monster arms with the vampire head. There are other Create-A-Monster kits, including Werewolf & Dragon, Skeleton, Three-Eyed Ghoul, and Insect. (Each is sold separately.) The parts from these kits mix and match with the parts from the Vampire & Sea Monster kit, giving kids more than 250 body combinations and designs. A doll stand is included with the Vampire & Sea Monster Starter Pack.

Is It Fun?

The Create-A-Monster Vampire & Sea Monster Pack is great for fans of Monster High. The body parts and fashions feature the same clever details as the original Monster High dolls, such as fins on the sea monster arms and legs. With these new Create-A-Monster kits, fans can create their own new monster-inspired characters that will fit right into any Monster High doll collection.

Who It’s For

The Monster High Create-A-Monster Vampire & Sea Monster Starter Pack is for Monster High fans ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Even though the kit allows you to build two basic characters, you can only build one at a time because there is only one torso.

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