LeapBand (Green) Review (LeapFrog)

What It Is

The LeapBand is a developmentally appropriate fitness activity tracker made just for kids. Kids wear the LeapBand on their wrists, and the device tracks their activity all day. When you first activate your LeapBand, you are asked to choose and customize a pet. You will then feed, groom, play with, and make healthy choices for your pet. There are 10 preloaded activities and challenges. Kids might be asked to walk like a crab or pop like popcorn or play a game where they groom or feed their pet. Upon completion, kids earn points to unlock 40 more free challenges, additional pets, and virtual toys for their pets. Parental controls allow parents to set their child's device to School Time or Night Time mode so that kids can't get distracted playing with their LeapBand when they're supposed to be in school or sleeping. (A big yawn sound plays when it's time for kids to go to bed.) However, the device will still track kids' activity in these modes.

The LeapBand runs on a rechargeable battery, so just plugging it into your computer with the provided USB cable charges it up. The high resolution, 1.44-inch color screen is bright and bold and good for the relatively close-up play on the screen. Designed to stand up to kids' active play, the LeapBand is also water- and sweat-resistant. It's available in green, blue, or pink.

The LeapBand is also compatible with the free iOS, Android, and LeapPad Ultra Petathlon app. In the app, kids compete as their virtual pet from their LeapBand in six mini games, such as archery, surfing, and bobsledding, to win extras, including medals and new tracksuits for their virtual pet.

Is It Fun?

Combining the interaction and gameplay of a virtual pet with activities that inspire kids to get physical and develop healthy habits, this is a great marriage of toy and tech. We think this is a fun activity tracker if your kid needs motivation to move. It will get your couch potato video-game-and-tv-watching child motivated to jump around and complete the activities.

Who It’s For

LeapBand is for ages 4-7. We think it will appeal to both boys and girls in the target age range, and make them feel like part of this tech-driven trend.

What To Be Aware Of

The screen is not a touchscreen.

Many of the activities can be played with kids sitting down, so co-play with a parent or caregiver is encouraged to ensure that kids get the most out of this.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy