DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

The DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio is a two-in-one easel and storage case with space for seven Deco Pops of DohVinci modeling compound, a DohVinci Styler, and large central compartment for storing projects. The kit comes with four Deco Pops, a Styler, and five art boards to decorate. Place one of the art boards or another project in the front easel, choose a Deco Pop, and insert the Deco Pop into the Styler. Squeeze the Styler until the DohVinci compound comes out, and then start decorating your project however you want. Let your designs harden overnight to preserve your work. The top of the Anywhere Art Studio has a carry handle for portability.

After decorating the art boards, you can purchase additional DohVinci art boards or just decorate cardboard, paper, glass, duct tape, wood, and other surfaces with the DohVinci compound.

Is It Fun?

This kit will engage kids in creative and imaginative play. The DohVinci modeling compound is easy to use and adds color and texture to kids' craft projects. And with this kit, kids can easily take their DohVinci supplies with them wherever they go.

Who It’s For

The DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The easel part of this can stand like a traditional easel, but you might only want to use that as a display stand. It's recommended to keep your project flat while working on it.

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