MiP (White) Review (WowWee)

What It Is

MiP from WowWee is a sophisticated, well-engineered robot that can be controlled by simple hand gestures or by using a free-to-download app. Once powered up, MiP balances on its two wheels, somewhat like a Segway. Make sure it's lying down when you turn it on. Stand it up and you'll sense the balance kick in to keep MiP staying upright.

It starts in its default mode, and operates on its GestureSense technology. Use hand gestures to steer it in this mode or put it into one of six other action modes-Stack, Cage, Tricks, Roam, Dance, Tracking-by turning the wheel and watching the lights that change with the mode. Stack, is one of the most interesting, as you attach his tray and then watch him try to balance whatever you challenge him with. Put MiP into a different mode to make it dance, follow your hands in Tracking mode, play a game in Cage mode where he'll try to get away from you, and explore in Roam mode.

To use the app, download to your iOS or Android device and connect it to your Bluetooth. From there, you can steer and drive MiP around.

Is It Fun?

MiP is going to appeal mostly to people who are fascinated by this type of interactive toy-and who have the disposable income to afford it. As engaging as the different modes are to watch, they can be a little repetitive at times. We liked the stuff that kept the user engaged more, such as controlling the MiP with the app.

Who It’s For

The MiP is age graded 6 months and up for safety. However, there is a learning curve with this toy that makes it better suited for much older users who will appreciate the technology behind it.

What To Be Aware Of

MiP requires 4 AAA batteries, which are not included.

The lights aren't really all too different in color-the red and pink are hard to tell apart, as are the blue and turquoise, so you'll know you're changing modes by MiP's behavior.

There's a learning curve in getting the controls to work. 

The MiP is also available in black.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AAA batteries required