My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker Review (Choose Friendship Company)

What It Is

The My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker is a portable friendship bracelet making kit shaped like a guitar that innovates the classic craft. The kit features a slide-out drawer, which houses all 10 of the colorful strands of cord you can braid with, and features a surface that doubles as a workspace for bracelet making. Hook the top of your cords to the treble clef-shaped holder at the top and use the slots at the base of the guitar to hold your strings in place as you work. Then follow the double-sided directions sheet to make either a square knot or corkscrew bracelet.

Is It Fun?

Keeping your supplies organized and strands in place while crafting are typically two of the most frustrating things about friendship bracelets, but this kit does a great job of easing those frustrations. And while the concept is simple, sometimes it's these kinds of little innovations to a classic craft that make a huge difference.

Who It’s For

The My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional uniquely shaped jewelry making kits from the company are sold separately.

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