Loop Loom Bracelets Review (Klutz)

What It Is

With the Loop Loom Bracelets kit from Klutz, kids learn to craft super stretchy beaded and braided bracelets. The set uses its own special loop loom tool and combines it with a standard crochet hook to make bracelet making easy to do on the go. Choose from eight different types of bracelets to make and Klutz will guide you through the process with it's detailed instructional guide. The guide also covers the basics of doing a simple crochet design. Once you've selected your design, measure out the amount of stretchy cord you'll need. The kit comes with hundreds of beads and 84 feet of colorful cord to work with. Depending on which type of band you chose to do you'll either use just the crochet hook or both the hook and the loop loom. When using the loop loom, you'll quickly find that each follows a repetitive motion of using the crochet hook to loop over the loom to create a braid. You can do this with one or multiple colors of cord, depending on what style you are creating.

To add beads, we found it works best to keep all the beads you'll need already strung on the end of the cord, then simply move them up to add between loops. When you are ready to finish make sure you have about three inches of cord left to work with, then follow the guide to cast off the loom and end the bracelet.

Is It Fun?

We were impressed with the easy of use and quality of the kit's components. And given the amount of cord you have to work with, the kit also offers a lot of repeat play value.

Who It’s For

The Loop Loom Bracelets kit is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There is no lid for the bead trays, so you'll want to store them back in the included plastic bag after working.

As you use the loom, pull the braided bracelet down through the loom every now and then to help lengthen it.

You can use the loom as a measuring device since it's about 2 inches in length.

You'll need to do a little bit of conversion for your bracelet lengths because the amounts are measured in yards and meters but the ruler provided is in inches and centimeters.

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