SpruKits LBX Level 2 Model Kit Achilles Review (Bandai)

What It Is

The SpruKits LBX Achilles Level Two Action Figure is part of Bandai's new line of snap-to-build, poseable model action figures based on the animated Japanese series LBX: Little Battlers Experience. While glue, scissors, and paint are common tools for model building, SpruKits revolutionizes the model by getting rid of all those tools. Instead SpruKits feature connectible parts that snap together through multiple ball joints to recreate a five-inch tall version of the popular hero Achilles from LBX: Little Battlers Experience. And because there is no paint, glue, or dry-time involved, the process is quicker.

Is It Fun?

The SpruKits LBX models don't stay together as well as other collections in the line. Pieces constantly fell apart so we think this figure is better suited for display rather than play. For fans of the LBX series, the figures are certainly display-worthy, however not well-suited for younger fans to play with.

Who It’s For

The SpruKits LBX Achilles Level Two Action figure is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The pieces don't stay together very well so the figure is somewhat frustrating to pose.

Because this is a level two build, it does have a slightly higher level of complexity. It took us a little under an hour to complete.

Additional characters and SpruKits sets are sold separately.

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