Wikki Stix One of a Kind Designer Piggy Bank Review (Omnicor)

What It Is

The Wikki Stix One of a Kind Designer Piggy Bank is a white ceramic piggy bank that kids can customize with Wikki Stix. The piggy bank comes with 72 colorful Wikki Stix, which are made of hand-knit yarn and non-toxic, gluten-free, food-grade wax so that they stick together and are malleable. The unique texture of the Wikki Stix allows kids to cut them and shape them into letters, shapes, and whatever else they can imagine. To use simply twist, shape, and apply to the surface of the bank with a little finger pressure. The piggy bank serves as a blank canvas for your Wikki Stixx imagination. Insert coins into the slot on the top of the piggy bank. You can empty the piggy bank by removing the plug on its belly. Coins can sometimes get lodged in the pig's feet so you may need to reach in and pull out the coins.

Is It Fun?

The concept for this product builds on the idea that when something is customized, it's much more likely to be used. It results in a very creative way for kids to save money for themselves, for a gift, or for charity. Plus, because Wikki Stix are reusable, you can customize the bank over and over again.

Who It’s For

The Wikki Stix One of a Kind Designer Piggy Bank is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You can join Wikki Stix by pinching the pieces together.

You will need scissors to cut smaller pieces of Wikki Stix.

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