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Five Star Flex 1" Hybrid NoteBinder Review (Mead)

What It Is

The Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder acts like both a notebook and a binder with a flexible exterior construction. The cover folds over to lie flat like a notebook. The TechLock rings, available in one- and 1.5-inch sizes, accommodate as much as binders of equal sizes. Mead also guarantees that the rings won't break, unlike the rings on traditional binders. Each Hybrid NoteBinder comes with five NotePocket and NoteProtector dividers, and 80 sheets of college-ruled and quad-ruled notepaper. Kids can choose between solid or customizable covers in six different colors.

Is It Fun?

This is designed to help kids easily add or remove notes, papers, and study guides between classes, and we think it delivers on that pretty well. Instead of carrying around a notebook inside a heavy binder, this gives you the functionality of a notebook and binder in one. It's a unique concept and one that will probably appeal most to older students.

Who It’s For

The Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder is for students in middle school through college.

What To Be Aware Of

The Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder is available at Target.

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