TRENDiY Art Chain Jewelry Review (Ohio Art)

What It Is

With TRENDiY Art Chain Jewelry, kids can make six bracelets out of metal chains and thread. The kit comes with 15 bundles of colored thread, three thick metal chains, three thin metal chains, 12 metal rings, six lobster clasps, and instructions that double as a fashion magazine. Pick a chain and three thread colors, then follow the instructions to do a basic braid, a controlled spiral, or a jump over. Attach the ends of the bracelet with a lobster clasp so you can wear your bracelet.

The fashion magazine includes lots of examples of finished bracelets as well as behind-the-scenes photos of all the TRENDiY Art photo shoots, an interview with the model on the Chain Jewelry box, and a variety of fashion spreads so that kids can see what's trendy.

Is It Fun?

While this kit will appeal to kids who like fashion and making their own accessories, we wish the instructions had been a little easier to follow. Of course, kids can forgo the instructions and create their own thread-weaving patterns based on what comes up in their imaginations or using the spreads in the fashion magazine as inspiration.

Who It’s For

TRENDiY Art Chain Jewelry is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions were not as clear as we would have liked. The instructions say that you'll need 20-inch pieces of three colors of thread, with 15 to 25 threads total. So if you want to use 15 threads, you'll need five 20-inch pieces for each thread color. There are three suggested ways that you can weave the thread through the chains, and none of them were very clear. The pictures did not help us understand the process.

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